Special Talent Admission for Shih Chien University Department of Law

  • Starting from the 112th academic year, Shih Chien University’s Department of Law has begun recruiting students, with the goal of cultivating talents with professional legal knowledge and the ability to learn across disciplines and throughout their lives. They have planned three interdisciplinary course programs: “Creativity, Fashion and Law,” “Artificial Intelligence and Law,” and “Family and Law,” hoping to enhance the employment competitiveness of their students.
  • From the 113th academic year, the department has been approved by the Ministry of Education to add a special talent admission channel. For more details, please refer to the enrollment brochure.
  • The quality of freshmen who entered the department in the 112th academic year is excellent, with nearly 40% of students achieving top marks in the National Language section of the university entrance exam, and nearly 75% achieving top marks in the Social Studies section. For more information about the department’s enrollment performance, please see the department’s introduction.
  • For more detailed information, please visit the website of Shih Chien University’s Department of Law . You may refer to the original message from the following link of Yangming’s website .