Taipei Municipal Yang Ming High School History

School Established

The extension of the national curriculum is the foundation of national culture restoration and national construction development. Therefore, in 1967, Late President Chiang Kai-shek mandated the government to carry out Grade 1-9 Curriculums from 1968. Yang Ming Shan National Park Management Bureau thus increased 4 junior high schools in Yang Ming Shan areas, including Yang Ming High School. The present location was chosen for the campus (next to Bailing Bridge, Chung Cheng Rd., Shilin). The construction started on May 6, the preparatory office was set on June 23, and the school was officially established on August 1.


Origin of School Name

Our school was originally named “Bailing”, which was renamed as “Chung Cheng” later on by PAN CHI-WU, the head of Yang Ming Shan National Park Management Bureau to appreciate the education reformation carried out by Late President Chiang Kai-shek and the benefits he brought to the students. Mr. Chiang, who was a very humble person, renamed the school as “Yang Ming” to commemorate the personal participation of Mr. Wang Yang-Ming, who was a great philosopher in Taiwan.


School Development

When the school was established, it was a national junior high school originally; in 1994, it became junior and senior high school, restructured into a complete high school for response to the public needs. The name of the school was changed to “Taipei Municipal Yang Ming High School”. The school has always aimed at cultivating outstanding students in language, mathematics and science, as well as talents with excellent sports ability, and assisting them in their adaptive development. The educational dimension is enriched and completed. In 2001, the senior high school athletic education class was formally established. It provides venue facilities, courses and teachers for four specialties including baseball, women’s basketball, track & field and tennis so that junior high school graduates students with relevant sports expertise can smoothly enter to higher education. continue to receive professional training and make full use of their strengths.

In 2004, the athletic education class was established in the junior high school. Elementary school graduates students with four sports specialties as stated above are also recruited, which is another development feature of the school. After the current principal Ms.Hong Jin Ying took office, she continued to cultivate Yang Ming students with eminent goodness, humanistic and scientific literacy, local and international awareness, and lifelong learning. She handled the purchase of property and equipment for the activity center and new specialized classrooms actively. Ms.Hong developed the characteristics of Yang Ming high school courses and activities, expecting to create more fruitful and brilliant educational achievements on the basis of Yang Ming’s solid professional teachers and high-quality administrative team.


School Motto

The school’s educational policy follows the legacy of Chiang Kai-Shek and the guidance of officials at all levels, and strives for the balanced development of  four educations including morality, intelligence, physical and co-work. President Chin Ru-Yan wrote the article “Our Goals and Steps” when the school was founded. He explains these four educations of connotation and method of practice. In order to make it easy for students to understand and act, the school motto is “Sincerity, Respect, Knowledge and Action”.

In the second year of Yang Ming, he wrote an article “Our School Ethos and Style” with the words “knowing shame and problem, treating people with loyalty and forgiveness”, “Knowing manners  and follow righteousness, doing things not for oneself”, “pursuing excellence and innovation, persevering from beginning to end”, and “practice and doing things in practical way, stick to the start and the end”, cultivate a great school spirit of “honesty, love for others, seeking knowledge, and doing hard work”. To motivate all teachers and students in the school.


School Building

The main building of the school was finished within three years after the school was established. It was well supervised and designed by the famous architect Ms. Hsiu Tze-lan. It is a beautiful building with both modern and typical Chinese styles which includes the administrative buildings and special classrooms 1 each (now Yì Tsǎi Building), 3 teaching buildings, a library (now Xiàn Zhī Xíng Building), a cooperative (now Yuè Wén Building, which was a bungalow at that time), a 400-meter track sports field, etc.

Later, in line with the development of the school, additional facilities were added:


◆ In 1974, in order to thanks the contribution by our school in women basketball, Chief Executive of Tai Yuen Textile, Ms. Wu, Shun-Wen, donated a gymnasium, which was finished in Nov of the ensuing year;

◆ In 1977, added 8 classrooms (now junior high school) and 1 swimming pool;

◆ In 1981, a special classroom was added (now Chióu Jēn Building) at the beginning, and rebuilt it to become the commander’s platform;

◆ In 1991, a tennis court was added. A specialized building included with an library was built in 1999 (now Yuè Wén Building);

◆ In 2009, renovation of the stadium for the Deaflympics;

◆ In 2010, a new student activity center was added (including a sports venue, performance hall and 11 specialist classrooms), finished and opened in 2013.


The school campus has a vast area, green grass, fountain, gardens, rockery, artificial clear spring, and also the new school buildings are dotted among each other. The environment is elegant and the scenery is pleasant. It has become a beautiful environment for students to cultivate their temperament and concentrate on their studies.


School Students